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Analytics are key to efficient supply chains, facilitate customer insights, design efficient logistics systems, manage budgets and create optimum plans that result in maximising spends.

Every year, enterprises generate billions of gigabytes of data. This data - when properly analyzed and utilized - can be an extremely valuable asset and a highly competitive tool.

Typical Data Sources include the following:

  • Internet Data: comprising of social media, social networking links

  • Primary Research: surveys, experiments, observations

  • Secondary Research: industry reports, consumer data and other business data

  • Location Data: mobile device data, geospatial data

  • Image Data: video, satellite image, surveillance

  • Supply Chain Data: vendor catalogs and pricing, quality information

  • Device Data Sensors: RF devices, telemetry


At InfiniValue, we build business analytical solutions, data driven applications and provide consulting services for better insights into enterprise data.

Our offerings encompass:

  • Data Engineering and Information Management

  • Data Science and Advanced Analytics

  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

  • Platform Engineering and Support

  • Data driven Apps and Products

  • Cloud Solutions Enablement

Our technology footprint in Analytics space spans:

  • RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server)

  • NoSQL DBs: DataStax, Cassandra, MongoDB

  • Hadoop - SCOOP, PIG, HIVE, Mahout, HBase MapR & Hortonworks

  • R/Python/Java

  • Spark: Mlib, GraphX, Sream

  • Tableau, PowerBI, Lumira, Qlikview, Paxata

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